Urbanisation has reached new speeds. The physical and virtual world has met for a match at the tennis court. The call for nationalistic stance on matters is pushing international relation efforts - how does one negotiate their stand on reality then and what does it mean to call it home (again)? Modernity in modernity- we are face with nostalgia, paranoia and chaos of the past, such damaged romanticism finds itself ever-promising a new dawn…

Join us for a night of thought, music and celebration.
1 Publication launch
1 Film screening
2 Live acts
DJ on the Roof



Jac Min writes films and tinkers with motion design. His obsessive curiosity has led him to toy incessantly with the moving image mediums. As a result, he is a writer-director of commercials, short films, promos and music videos. He believes in crafting fresh, visceral experiences around tight, interwoven narratives.

Meanwhile, his body of work has since been recognized by the likes of the Cannes Lion and Spikes Asia awards, and has been curated by the Asian Film Symposium, onedotzero and the National Museum of Singapore.

In 2012 he co-founded Semicolon, a boutique production outfit with a focus on commercials and branded content. He currently serves as one of its directors and founding partners.


ANTZ has managed to create an interesting juxtapozed mash of contemporary urban styles with traditional Chinese visuals and influences. It is a style which makes heavy references to Chinese culture; from mythology to dialect and identity. Apart from being a full time professional art director, ANTZ is also the co- founder of the design collective The Geeksigners. Along with fellow artist, CLOGTWO, SKLO, SHEEP and ZERO, ANTZ is part of RSCLS, a collaborative approach of styles, ideas and creative banter.


Rachelle Su aka BAY+B (pronounced “bay bee”) is an idiosyncratic character with an obsession for structures. Her fascination with assembling individual parts to form a complex whole has led her to DJ-ing while her musical influences are typically cross-genre, comprising sounds robust in song arrangement. House, boogie, disco, funk and soul make up her palette of sounds. BAY+B has since played at notable venues and festivals.


Jane Koh is a practicing Artist-Curator. Her love for story-telling has compelled her to finally embark on producing a publication for POST (25/03/15). Fresh from a residency program in Paris (National Art Council- Dena Foundation), her dreams of seeing people come together in love and solidarity is realized through her curatorial undertakings. Her curatorial projects and visual works have been shown internationally. 


Zhao Zimu is a child of globalization. Born in China, he grew into becoming a Singaporean and was later influenced by an exchange program in Germany. Currently an animation major at Nanyang Technological University (School of Art,Design and Media), he is never limited by medium nor imagination. His works have been featured in the likes of NYLON and Land Transport Authority. An avid lover of cats, he enjoys petting one to the tunes of chill-hop or Ghibli Studio.