Jac Min [Ben]


In his spare time, Jac Min writes films and tinkers with motion design. His obsessive curiosity has led him to toy incessantly with the moving image mediums and as a result, he is a writer-director of commercials, shots films, promos and music videos. He believes in crafting fresh, visceral experiences around tight, interwoven narratives.

His works have traveled to international film festivals including Kinofest 2009, the Asian Hotshots Berlin Festival for Film and Video Art, the 2010 Seoul International Extreme - Short Image + Film Festival, the 2007 Asian Film Symposium, and has been curated by onedotzero, the National Museum of Singapore and been in exhibitions including TWEAK II in Ireland. 

Meanwhile, his body of commercial work has since been recognized by the likes of the Cannes Lion and Spikes Asia awards.

In 2008, he received the Media Education Scheme Scholarship from the Media Development Authority of Singapore for his undergraduate studies in film. Upon completion of his undergraduate research program undertaken at NTU in 2010, he received the title of the NTU President’s Research Scholar, for his film ‘Xiang/Yan.’ under the mentorship of Asst. Professor Michael Tan. Most recently, he was invited to be on the Digital category jury panel for the 2017 Crowbar Awards.

He is currently a founding partner of Semicolon, a boutique production outfit with a focus on commercials and branded content.


Semicolon | Singapore

With MYU | Tokyo

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