Jac Min | Director

Short Film

A mother and her daughter return home from the crematorium. As the day unfolds, a packet of cigarettes both threatens and strengthens what's left of the family.

Completed as part of my research under the URECA program at NTU.
Supervised by Asst. Prof. Michael Tan.

Research Topic/Statement:

In the age of rampant consumerism, the relationship we share with the objects around us seldom extend beyond its instrumental power. This project aims to open up the eyes of the artist to the mundane. Using objects as a trajectory for creative content development, Objects and Imagination: Narratives, Histories, Memories serves as a method through which an object is used as a seed from which the imagination takes over to weave a narrative around. Based on the cigarette, this project investigates the creation of narrative, through the use of short film to stir the view amongst viewer to think about the debate on sociological and psychological issues involved in one's fascination towards smoking.

Screening History -

Official Selection
Jogjakarta NETPAC Asian Film Festival 2011, Indonesia

3rd Singapore Short Film Awards, Singapore