Jac Min | Director

Brand Film

Client: Esplanade Co. Ltd., Singapore
Produced at Semicolon

Cinematography | Lee Feng Nian + Shyan Tan
Casting | Hello Group
Offline | Ng Hui Jun
Online | Daniel Lee, Jac Min
Colourist | Royston Van Huizen

Animation Supervisor | Daniel Lee
Character Design + Previsualization | Jonathan Law
Animation | Daniel Lee, Brandon Chng, Ana Tay

Music + Audio | Feng Music

Produced + Directed by Jac Min

Behind every piece of art is a story. And stories are an intrinsic part of who we are - we are, as a species so addicted to story, even when we go to sleep, the brain stays up telling itself stories.

As three of our experts concur, stories are the most powerful way to put ideas into the world.