Jac Min | Director

A reminiscence of the bygone in an eternal cycle of renewal.

“‘Dawn' is a short video that responds to 
the continual urban regeneration in Singapore. Through the voice of an old 
man, (Jac's) work lends a voice to the city; lamenting on the ungraspable 
effect of change.” – Asst. Prof. Michael Tan, Academic Advisor

“This film comprised of a series of visuals centered around the landscape of today's Singapore, with scenes especially that of construction of the integrated resorts, the 50-storey HDB flats and plenty of road networks and expressways, amongst others. It's much like a contemporary version of Rajendra Gour's ‘Sunshine Singapore’ where its value will come from an era much later for anyone wishing to capture a glimpse of an ever-changing Singapore. The story's in the voiceover, where an old man reminisces and probably resigns to his fate of being left behind in the constant of change, speaking in the Hainanese dialect.” – A Nutshell Review

Translations: Isabel Foo / Kee Ya Ting / Foo Boon Lock
Voice: Foo Boon Lock
Music: Koen Park (of headphonica impromptu)
Camera / Cinematography: Jac Min / Chen Junbin

Written, Directed and Edited by Jac Min.
Supervised by Asst. Prof. Michael Tan.

Many thanks to Mom and Dad.

Screening History -

In Competition
Seoul International Extreme-Short Image + Film Festival 2010, Seoul

International Selection
Very Short Film Festival, 12th Edition

Official Selection
International Short Film Festival Detmold 2010, Germany

6th Singapore Short Cuts 2009, Singapore
TWEAK 2, 2009 exhibition, Limerick City, Ireland
Singapore Short Film Awards 2010, Singapore
A Marta Summer Night: Short Film Programme, Marta Herford Museum, 2010, Germany
POST, Objectifs Films, 2015, Singapore