Jac Min | Director

02 x Trailer/Opener for the 3rd Singapore Short Film Awards.

Original Pitch

There is a place countless have journeyed
But few have truly arrived.
A place that brings people together,
And pulls lovers apart.
It gives the silent a voice;
It leaves the crowds speechless.
Where fulfilling our desires
Reveal our darkest fears.
And it opens our eyes,
So we may see the unseen.
No place has felt this good.
Have you arrived yet?

At the core of the trailer is the description of cinema – everything from the cinema-going experience to what it means to be an auteur. The power to create worlds; to dream fantasies. The copy is thus taken out of the context that is cinema, and literalized in a narrative of our protagonist’s erotic fantasy; a fantasy that is born of the auteur – the god who wields the camera.

Our protagonist, a man in a suit holding a Super 16mm camera, begins wandering the night streets of upscale Singapore, in search of the mythical place that is so described in the voice over. He lays eyes on a woman who, too seduces him with her gaze. He drifts into his fantasy with her, but wakes up realizing he is alone and has yet to find this ‘place’. 

Client: The Substation, Singapore.
Directed under Semicolon.